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The baby's weekly diet

Drag the recipes weekly calendar, and plan feeding your baby.

Banana, apple, pear and orange juice puree
Pear, banana and orange juice puree
Apple and banana compote
Cream of pumpkin, potato and carrot
Cream of potato, green beans and courgette
Puree of chicken or turkey, courgette and Swiss chard
Monkfish cooked in foil and fresh thyme
Parcel of spinach with vegetables and soft cheese
Puree of veal, potato, leek and carrot
Rosemary seasoned chicken breast with broccoli couscous
Noodles with tomato and basil
Hake with Basmati rice
Sole roll stuffed with asparagus and basil
Homemade crème caramel
Fruit sorbet of your choice
Yoghurt with pear and peach
Chocolate fondue with a fruit skewer
Strawberries and cream

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